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Top 10 Worst Car Dealerships by Brand

Buying a new car can often come down to the dealership experience and not all facilities deliver the same level of quality service.

In fact, there’s quite a disparity between the good, the bad and the downright ugly, especially when examining the latest J.D. Power U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study for car dealerships.

The report compiles data from 70,000 owners and lessees of one- to five-year-old vehicles who visited the dealer service department for maintenance or repair work. The overall customer satisfaction is measured by ranking the service advisor, service facility, service initiation, service quality and vehicle pick up.

Find out which brands performed the best here.

As for which car dealerships have the worst service? Check out the list below.

The mass market brand average for the 2015 U.S. CSI Study was a score of 792 points on a 1000-point scale, and the top 10 worst brands all fell below that average. Subaru ranked 10th with a score of 786 which is a slight improvement over its 2014 score of 776. In the 2014 U.S. CSI Study, Subaru was the fourth worst brand, so it is improving.

Mitsubishi has been struggling in the U.S. and its service isn’t helping the Japanese automaker’s reputation. This year, the company scored 785, a drop of nine points compared to its 2014 ranking, which also had it in ninth place.

Mazda is turning the corner with more attractive models throughout its entire lineup, but its dealership experience still needs some work. The company scored 779 this year, marking a drop from 791 points in the 2014 U.S. CSI Study. Despite the drop in score, it’s an improvement in ranking since it was the sixth worst brand last year.

The entry-level arm for Toyota has consistently fallen below the average in J.D. Power’s CSI Study and 2015 is no different. With a score of 777, Scion sees a three-point drop compared to 2014, where it was the fifth worst brand.

Last year, Ford was the seventh worst brand in the CSI Study and this year marks a disappointing drop for the American automaker. With a score of 776, Ford saw one of the biggest decreases compared to last year when it scored 791.

1000 down car dealership

Although Ford’s drop is noticeably drastic, Chrysler plummeted from being above the average in 2014 with a score of 799 to being the fifth worst brand and a score of 775. Last year, the American automaker was actually the seventh best mass market brand out of 19 automakers and now sees itself towards the bottom of the list.

In fact, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group as a whole has some work to do with its dealership service experience. Fiat wasn’t ranked in last year’s list but its initial appearance isn’t good. With a score of 762, the Italian automaker specializing in compact cars finds itself with poor dealer service performance.

Last year’s worst brand was Ram, so at the very least the truck division for Chrysler is improving. The company scored 752 in the 2014 U.S. CSI Study and slightly improved with a score of 756 for this year, but it avoided the stigma of being ranked dead last.

The Dodge brand experienced another drop in the CSI Study, falling from 765 points last year to 749 this year, making it the second worst brand when it comes to service at dealerships. It has some serious work to do if it wants to avoid falling into last place.

This year’s worst performer is Jeep, netting a score of 740. It’s a noticeable drop compared to last year’s score of 756 which was only beat by Ram’s 752. The Jeep brand this year performed well below the mass market brand average of 792 and is nearly 100 points below Buick’s top score of 836 (among mass market brands).

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I’m sure the owner of that dealership is proud to have their name on a picture associated with “10 Worst Dealerships”.

Somehow this is not so much about dealerships as it is about maker support of dealerships and even then it’s a bit over the top and perhaps wreaking with a lot of opinionating rather than actual survey research.

Name is not displayed

Yes it is. Top photo, look under the Ram logo on the sign. Says “Beyer” on the building. Google says the dealership is in NJ.

It’s not the brand, it’s the customers. These people that buy these brands expect so much as if they are spending so much money. They are not. Most of the complaints come from price, and repairs. These “brand” buyers don’t believe in buying warranty coverage for their cars, and they believe what others and credit unions tell them to not do, which is, “do not buy warranties and ” do not finance with the dealership” even at a better rate. This advice is poor.

These customers are misled, whether by their credit union, or a bitter family member, therefore the become distrustful of car dealerships from the beginning, without cause, or reason.

This, unfortunately, is the case with most car purchases ranging from the cost of 19k to 50 k, which is the price range of most of these cars mentioned in the above article.

I drive a 200k AMG Mercedes, I consider myself a wise investor, no bills, no debt, great credit, very liquid. I earned almost 12% in the market last year, yet I STILL purchased extended coverage for my car, and I financed my car at 1.89%. Cars are a depreciating asset, free capital is better spent elsewhere in the market.

People think that buying a car in cash is a substantial statement to their supposed accomplished financial status.

I think paying cash for a house trumps that by a wide margin.

Buy a Tesla – avoid the rip offs completely. No matter how you try and sugar coat it, dealers are only necessary because they sell yesterday’s technology with thousands of moving parts and therefore a lot more service intensive. Tesla bypasses all that nonsense which is why the dealerships are scrambling to have legislation in place to protect their bad business models and inefficient ICE cars.

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1000 down car dealership

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