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Carecredit scams

Offender: Carecredit GE Moneybank | Complaints, Reviews, Scam Reports

Check website - Website lack of info

If you pay your GE Money Bank via their online website: Geonlineservice.com, BE CAREFUL to "reinsert" your correct routing number and account number each and every time you make a payment. Don't be fooled when you see *****1234 in the box within which you had previously typed your rounting and .

Billing Finace Charges - dental

Becuase I made my payment on time but, after 5pm I got charaged 39.99. This company rips you off, no grace period and I will make sure to pay them in full at the last possible time before free interest promo ends. I'll ensure they receive the least amount of money possible and I'll cancel the card .

40 dollar late fee huh. Its nice to know that when people are struggling in this economy that there are always companys like yours to make it much worse on us. and the award for highest late fee Ive ever paid. Goes to you. Congratulations. Thank you for giving me that extra push at a greater .

Dental Services - Care Credit

Some months ago, I signed up for the GE Medical & Dental Service Account. So far as I cam tell, GE is NOT a scam. In fact, had it not been for CareCredit. there would have been no way I could have had my dental work performed. CareCredit is an ok service as far as I'm concerned. I do have one .

I don't have time right now to explain how they ripped me off but I will post it later. Does anyone know if there is a class action law suit against these criminals? .

I used the card for a root canal. My balance got down to #365. They were charging me $2.00 finance charge. On my last statement, my balance was over $600. They charged me a $365 finance charge for one month. I'm writing the Better Business Bureau and American Medical Association to find out what .

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams


Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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Carecredit scams

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How do I activate CareCredit Credit Card?

Answer: Congratulations on getting the CareCredit Credit Card. CareCredit credit cards might be the only solution if your health provider does not accept the common forms of credit cards like Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Carecredit scams

There are several ways to activate your new CareCredit Credit Card:

The first way to activate the CareCredit credit card is by calling the CareCredit dedicated activation telephone number: 1-866-893-7864.

The second way to activate CareCredit credit card is by registering at Synchrony Financial Online Registration. The site will login to your CareCredit account to activate your new card.