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Capital one® credit tracker

mycreditinform.com – Capital One Credit Tracker 100% FREE

September 30, 2015 By admin

  • Capital One cardholders can sign up for a free credit tracker tool
  • The My Credit Inform tool will provide access to credit scores and other cool features such as credit alerts and grade overview
  • Please note that this tool is not yet available on Spark or partner cards

The Credit Tracker is 100% free and be used as often as the card holder likes without affecting a credit score (via Capital One). The credit alert feature will inform customers in regards to when TransUnion report a change to their credit score which include delinquent accounts and a change of address (this service is an excellent tool to help protect against credit card fraud or stolen ID).

Further talking points in regards to My Credit Inform

  • Under no circumstances will this tool be used for credit or lending decisions
  • The customers score will be updated every 30 days
  • The credit tracker score is based on a neat system called the TransUnion New Account Model (this state of the art model uses information in a customers TransUnion credit report, which may include bill pay history, amount of available credit, number and age of open accounts, recent credit activity, etc and is the most accurate model to date put out by any of the three credit score unions)
  • Accounts not reported to TransUnion will not be used by the credit tracker and could cause for inaccurate information
  • Credit score tools are provided for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon for 100% accurate information in all cases

This credit tracker tool is associated with popular Capital One credit cards to include the Quicksilver, Venture, Classic Platinum, Spark Cash For Business and the Journey Student credit cards.

Capital one 360 credit tracker

Capital one® credit tracker

Choosing a Credit Card: Capital one 360 credit tracker

When choosing a credit card, it is important to consider what you'll be using the card for so you may select the one best suited to your needs. Some people will make a large purchase using a credit card and carry the balance through several months, paying off the debt as they earn money to pay for it. This can be a good fall-back in an emergency, but because of high interest-rates, you may wind up paying way more than the item cost originally. Other people choose to use credit cards in order to earn points, frequent flyer miles, or cash back. These incentive programs can be nice rewards and are worth taking a look at. Other people like to carry a credit card for travel, as they are often required to reserve a rental car or hotel room. Credit cards can be a useful way to build credit, and they also offer better consumer protection than debit cards if your information is stolen while shopping online. Finally, some people use a credit card because they prefer not to carry cash, and use it for their daily expenses.

Search for credit card offers and compare them based on what is important to you. If you will be carrying a balance from month-to-month, look for a card with the lowest interest rate or special offers of no-interest or low-interest for an introductory period. Just be careful to pay off the card before the period is up and watch out for annual fees. If you are using your card to earn points, miles, or cash-back, compare the offers and see what is most valuable to you. Some prefer cash-back as it is the most versatile, but if you fly often miles could be the way to go. Points can be good if you like free stuff, but be sure you want what the points exchange for before signing up. When using rewards cards, be careful to pay off your balance in full, because the high interest rates they carry will quickly negate the benefit of any rewards you might earn. If you use a credit card to build your credit score, put a monthly recurring bill, such as a phone or electric bill, on the card, then be sure to pay the card off each month. You won't pay any more than you did otherwise, but it will help you down the road when you apply for loans to buy a vehicle or home. Credit cards will protect you from fraud online because, unlike with debit cards, your money will not be affected if you are hacked. If you only carry a card for emergencies, look for a low interest rate and no annual fee. If you use a card instead of carrying cash, be aware that many small businesses will refuse credit cards for small purchases, so get to know the policies of the businesses you frequent.

Applying for a credit card is as simple as filling out some forms with your personal information. Once it is processed you will receive your card in the mail. Call the number to activate it and you are on your way to increasing your quality of life by using a credit card.

Platinum Credit Card From Capital One Review: Access to Valuable Benefits

Learn more about this card and find out how you can apply here.

Capital one® credit trackerSign up for the Platinum Credit Card From Capital One and get access to valuable benefits such as a higher credit line, fraud coverage, and a credit tracker. With no annual fee, this card would be great for those with average credit. In addition, to help you keep track of your finances, you’ll get 100% free access to the Capital One Credit Tracker enabling you to access your credit score, a credit simulator, and other tools that will help you monitor your credit profile.

Alternative Credit Card Bonuses:

Platinum Credit Card From Capital One Summary:

  • Learn more about Capital One Platinum Rewards and apply here
  • Best Feature: benefits such as a higher credit line, fraud coverage, and a credit tracker
  • Annual Fee: none
  • Expiration Date: none
  • Additional Advice:this card is for people with average credit

Platinum Credit Card From Capital One Features:

  • No annual fee
  • Access to a higher credit line with Credit Steps after making your first 5 monthly payments on time
  • $0 fraud liability if your card is ever lost or stolen. This means you will not be responsible for fraudulent purchases.
  • Credit Tracker giving you 100% free unlimited access to your credit score, what-if simulator, and other tools that help you monitor your credit profile with Capital One Credit Tracker

The Platinum Credit Card From Capital One would be great for those looking for valuable benefits such as a higher credit line, fraud coverage, and a credit tracker. With no annual fee, this card would be worth looking into if you have average credit. Sign up today if this fits you. Learn more about the Capital One Platinum and apply here! Otherwise, find out which card is fit for you by checking out our complete list of Credit Card Promotions today!

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