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Capital one.com/rewards

We connect entrepreneurs and investors to help businesses grow.

Capital one.com/rewards

  • Capital one.com/rewards

  • You don’t need to be rich or a professional investor to buy into startups, though you should know the risks.

    You can support a friend, a business you care about, or a company working in your area of expertise. With Netcapital, you get access to companies and entrepreneurs without all the networking, research, and waiting. We work to make things easy:

    • Alerts as we add new companies
    • Information you need to make a decision
    • Minimums as low as $99
    • Quick access to entrepreneurs for your questions
    • Trading tools to manage your investments
    • Clear outlines of the risks

    We help early-stage companies raise money from their friends and family, customers and followers. With our approach, you can close your round, and, in the process:

    • Create loyal brand ambassadors
    • Avoid legal pitfalls
    • Collect and close investments efficiently online
    • Have a beautiful, one-stop pitch
    • Collaborate with investors

    We’ll help you fundraise in a way that keeps you in control of your company—and your time. We’re committed to helping, so we only make money if you do.