Apartments that don’t check rental history

Rental apartments: More fraud cases reported this summer 0">(<>)

Apartments that don't check rental history

Apartments that don't check rental history

Apartments that don't check rental history

Police have had an increasing number of complaints. The typical approach of the fraudsters is to list an apartment that doesn’t belong to them, and ask people interested in it for prepayments and deposits.

The fraudsters are mainly active on real estate portals like,, and even, ERR’s Aktuaalne kaamera reported on Tuesday evening. According to the Police and Border Guard (PPA), the number of reports this season has been higher than usual.

Hannes Keld of the North police prefecture told ERR that the most common approach was to lift information about random objects off the Internet, list a fictitious property, and then wait for people to show interest. Some also listed properties that didn’t belong to them without the knowledge or permission of the owner.

Once the deposit or prepayment is made, the fraudster disappears, and the people looking to rent a place lose their money.

“This year people have reported losses of a few hundred euros to a little over €4,000,” Kelt said. “Among them some who reacted to listings of Estonian properties. The bigger losses are connected to real estate for sale abroad.”

According to director of, Tarvo Teslon, fraudsters typically upload fake listings the data and images for which they get from other portals. A popular approach is to advertise comparably low rents to get people to react. The fraudsters usually asked for two or three months’ rent. is popular as a resource for fraudsters of material they can use to put together fake listings. At the same time, cheating people out of supposed booking fees is a practice that on is happening through unofficial payment channels.

According to owner of Tallinn City Apartments, Mihkel Randrüüt, transactions outside the platform’s own reservation system are dangerous. If the owner of a listing wants payments to take place outside’s credit card based system, customers should get suspicious.

Booking platforms like,, were safer. “The transaction should certainly be carried out there, because this way these websites are responsible as well,” Randrüüt said.

A simple search on the Internet typically helps to identify the fraudsters, as people often warn others about them on social media or in forums as well. In Estonia data can be checked in the land register as well. According to the police, the most important thing is not to make any payments before there hasn’t been a chance to see the apartment in question.

The 8 best websites for finding a no-fee rental apartment in NYC

Apartments that don't check rental history

What astonishes the rest of the world about the New York City real estate market—besides how little square footage you get for your dollar—is the long-notorious broker's fee: If an agent helps you find an apartment to rent, you'll likely pay a broker's fee of around 12 to 15 percent of a year's rent. For an apartment with a monthly rent of $2000, that could amount to as much as $3600—no small change.

[This story was first published in May 2017.]

Handing over several thousands of dollars to a broker can make sense if it's your first time at the rodeo and you need help navigating the NYC rental market (read this first), you don't have time to DIY, can't find what you want on your own, and/or are planning to stay put for a couple of years or longer.

But if you've got the time and financial motivation to do the legwork yourself, a no-fee apartment would no doubt be preferable. These come in two varieties: Apartments that you rent directly from the landlord or management company, and rentals for which the landlord is paying the broker's fee because the market is slow, the building is brand new with many apartments to fill quickly, or because there's something slightly less than covetable about the apartment, the building, or location.

To kick off your search for one of these golden real estate gooses, we recommend starting with this 2017 update of Brick Underground's guide to the best (free!) real estate search websites. You'll likely need to wade through duplicate listings across the sites, but checking different ones helps maximize your options. Below, in alphabetical order, are all the options you should keep in the rotation:

Renters in every city are almost certainly acquainted with Craigslist as a sometimes-suspicious-but-indispensible source of apartment listings. And this is still true. Just as the site is the first stop for many budget-minded renters, it's also popular with small landlords, particularly in the outer boroughs, and can be an invaluable resourceas long as you use it wisely.

In the site's "apts/housing" section, there are options to limit your search to "all no-fee apartments" or "by-owner apartments" only, and from there, you can plug in search terms like "short-term" or "roommate" to narrow down your options, depending on your preferences. The site also has filters to help you search by price point, pet-friendliness, and housing type, and we recommend using the "map view" feature so you don't waste time clicking through to listings that claim to be in a much more desirable neighborhood than they actually are, an all-too-common ruse.

Still, because Craigslist can be such a free-for-all, be extra careful to avoid anything that seems like a scam, like a request for wired money, or a listing that doesn't have any photos (more tips on signs of a scam here). It also never hurts to do a deeper dive on the building and the neighborhood, including information like bed bug history and neighborhood crime rate (more tips on that here), as well as plugging the address into the city's Building Information System to check on things like outstanding violations.

And we always, always recommend Googling the address of the building, and the name of the management company and broker to see if any red flags crop up. But it can be worth the slog: We know several renters who've found a rent-stabilized no-fee Brooklyn apartment simply by sifting through the offerings on Craigslist.

2. Facebook (and all your other social networks)

Even with all the high-tech search options flooding the market, word-of-mouth is still a powerful tool in the world of NYC real estate. The best deals are generally found by a friend or family member who's got an ear to the ground, so we always recommend casting a wide net.

Post on Facebook, hit up your college's alumni network, send a mass email to NYC-based contacts, and use any of your other social feeds of choice (Instagram, Twitter, even Snapchat, depending on your social circles) to let your network know that you're on the hunt. More than one Brick Underground editor has landed in their current apartment this way.

You'll never know unless you ask—someone in your life may be wrapping up their lease, have a spot for an extra roommate, or know about an opening in their building (or a friend's).

Initially the pet project of artist Stephanie Diamond, Listings Project is actually a carefully curated weekly email newsletter that has become the gold standard for creative types looking for apartments with like-minded landlords or roommates in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. (It can be an especially useful tool for women looking to sidestep skeevy brokers or Craigslist "roommate/friends with benefits" listings.)

The next best thing to finding an apartment through friends, the Listings Project personally vets and corresponds with each lister and doesn't allow listings from brokers—or anything with a broker's fee—so if you find it through them, it's guaranteed to be no-fee. They have around 300 options every week, with a mix of apartments for rent, sublets, and shares in all five boroughs.

(To keep in mind in your search: Subletting—or entering an apartment as a new roomie who's not on the lease—are both tried and true methods for avoiding broker's fees, and you'll often have the option to renew the lease directly with the landlord, sans broker fee.) There are fewer options here than you'd find on a typical listings portal, but there's enormous comfort in knowing that the options you do find have been carefully vetted.

For most renters we know—particularly those on a budget—Naked Apartments is a consistent go-to. A third of the site's apartment listings are for no-fee rentals, and to find them, you can simply click on the "Filter" button at the top of the screen and select "No Fee." (There's also a "low fee" filter that pulls up rentals with broker's fees of 9 percent or less.) Would-be renters interested in Brooklyn and Queens, take note: Of the many rental sites out there, Naked Apartments offers a wider variety of outer-borough options and is a great jumping-off point for the young and skint.

To help ensure listings are legit, Naked Apartments verifies brokers' licensing information, checks utility bills and public records for management companies and landlords, and bans agents who post inaccurate or bait-and-switch listings. Though the site was bought by StreetEasy in recent years, it's worth searching on its own, as Naked Apartments includes "open" listings (versus exclusive listings) that are being advertised by more than one broker, while StreetEasy sticks to verified exclusives—meaning you'll find more listings here, if also more duplicates.

Other helpful features: To keep you from having to trawl through a dozen different listings for the same apartment, Naked Apartments groups duplicate listings all in one place, allowing you to choose which broker to contact (i.e., in a no-fee scenario, a situation where the landlord is paying the broker's fee) based on reviews from former clients (brokers can't delete these from the site), and compare apartment descriptions. (Seeing how different agents describe the same apartment is a great hack for separating hyperbole from starker reality, and sussing out which agent might be the most professional to work with.)

You can also compare broker response time and fees if any. See a place you like? Click the "contact now" or "schedule a viewing" button to set up an in-person visit ASAP. There's also an iPhone and iPad app, which lets you keep track of apartments you've seen with notes, photos, and a checklist to help keep you organized. (After enough time on the hunt, the sea of listings starts to get murky in any renter's memory.)

One of the oldest rental search sites still in the game, NYBits is unique in that it deals primarily in no-fee listings; around 75 percent of the rentals on their site are available with no broker's fee. On top of that, no-fee is the default search setting on their site, and their no-fee rental search tool is also front and center on the homepage.

As befits its old-school status, the majority of the offerings on NYBits are still in Manhattan, but in recent years the site has noticeably increased the number of listings in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, so it's still worth a look for outer borough renters. And while the site's search tool lets you choose among Manhattan's neighborhoods, to find listings in the outer-boroughs, head to the site's "neighborhoods" feature, which lets you select neighborhoods within the borough, then see an overview featuring a map of the area, its selected no-fee rental buildings (and their property managers' contact information), and the listings currently available. (Pro tip: Even if there isn't an apartment immediately available, it's smart to contact property managers of the buildings you like, so you can be first in line when something opens up.)

To improve accuracy, NYBits publishes addresses for every listing, and does its own research before posting them. This helps cut down on duplicates as well as bait-and-switch phonies, and more easily allows you to do your own digging into a particular building. They maintain a roster of building directories as well, which is useful both for research and as a way to keep tabs on a building you'd like to move into if an apartment opens up. The site also sometimes forces expiration dates for listings to ensure they're not being used as a bait and switch.

RentHop's standout feature is the signature "HopScore," developed to identify and encourage accurate listings and ethical behavior among real estate professionals. A high HopScore means an apartment has good value, up-to-date information, and a landlord or agent with speedy response times and a track record of apartments that rented quickly (and by inference, therefore, were appealing to renters). The site takes special care to shut down scammers, and RentHop employees personally verify email addresses, and usually have an actual phone conversation with, new listers to make sure they're legit.

RentHop has tens of thousands of listings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, that are searchable by filters for "no fee" or "reduced fee," with the option for a map-based search, complete with neighborhood guides. Around 40 percent of listings on the site at any given time are no-fee, either listed by the owners, or by a current renter looking to hand over their lease to a new tenant. (In fact, by-owner and sublease/leasebreak listings are prioritized on the site, as are exclusives and listings that offer the full address.)

The map-based search comes with one notable perk: the option to display nearby brokers that have checked into their system as being available, so you can contact them in case you're interested in seeing an apartment immediately. Similarly, if you're searching in a particular neighborhood, the site will display agents who are "neighborhood specialists," making it easy to get in touch with a professional who might have more listings in the pipeline that suit your search. And if you're on the hunt for someone to share that apartment with, they've got a roommate finder tool, as well.

StreetEasy is, in many ways, the Big Kahuna of New York City real estate listings for both sales and rentals. (It's also now owned by Zillow, the kingpin of search sites in just about every city in the U.S.) [Editor's Update 8/23/17: Many of the city's largest brokerages have recently removed their rental listings from StreetEasy, though their individual agents can still choose to list an apartment for a fee.]

There's a prominent "no-fee" search filter on the site, as well as the option to save your preferred searches and receive notifications if something new hits that market that fits your criteria. On both the mobile app and the website, you can connect with an apartment's agent or landlord at the touch of a button. (And the app has a handy "map view" feature that lets you see what listings are nearby when you're out and about.)

The site is also useful for research thanks to their building pages, which let you find more info about the specific building an apartment is listed in—things like amenities and zoned public schools—as well as price history so you can see whether rents are heading north or south on comparable apartments. (This info is more likely to be available for higher-end buildings and options in Manhattan than it is for cheaper fare in the other boroughs.)

The listings on StreetEasy aren't necessarily the cheapest, though they're constantly expanding their reach. So when it comes to the no-fee search process, this one's particularly useful if you're in the market for, say, a higher-end building that's offering up concessions. (Of course, there are downsides to them, too.)

One of the more user-friendly and well-designed options on this list, Zumper takes special care to avoid duplicates, verifying and "de-duplicating" their options regularly. (They also make it easy for users to flag outdated or bait-and-switch listings to remove them from the site ASAP.)

About a third of Zumper's listings are no-fee, pulled from a wide variety of New York landlords and property managers. They've significantly increased their outer-borough presence in recent years, too, with nearly as many options now in Brooklyn as in Manhattan. Search via Zumper's no-fee page for NYC, or by checking the "hide listings with leasing fees" box when you tick off other search requirements like in-unit laundry, a doorman, or outdoor space.

To make things as painless as possible, the site allows you to create alerts. Like many competitors, it also includes neighborhood guides, maps, and a mobile app. If you see a place you like, Zumper offers a "one-click" application—sort of like the college "common app" but for the apartment hunt—and lets you create a $10 Experian credit report that can be used an unlimited number of times (fingers crossed, it won't take too many applications to land an apartment). When you search, your options are also displayed on a Google map, giving you an easy sense of proximity to trains and other amenities.

On that note, we also recommend taking your search to Padmapper, which was acquired by Zumper in the past year, but maintains its own set of unique listings as well, and was recently overhauled for a faster and more seamless user experience. While the site used to cull from Craigslist, it now gets its listings from landlords, property managers, and direct postings to the site. While it will have some of the same listing inventory as Zumper, Padmapper also has more sublet, room-share, and short-term rental options, in addition to regular long-term leases. Apartments are displayed in map form, making it easy to stick within your chosen radius. It also has the all-important option of "hiding" listings you're no longer interested in to cut down on the white noise, and help you avoid accidentally re-visiting pads you've already vetoed.

Padmapper also has a feature for directly contacting listings, letting you send a "mini-profile" with info like your credit score if you see a place you like. (It's got iPhone and Android apps to facilitate on-the-go searching, too.)

If you want to keep digging, check out RentHackr, a site that lets renters post when their own apartments are coming up for lease renewal, giving you the jump on potential listings before they even hit the market. This way, you can approach the building's management directly, and very likely, skip the broker fee altogether. (Though take note: You'll have to sign up using your Facebook account, which might turn off privacy-minded renters.)

LeaseBreak offers a similar service, creating a searchable database of short-term lease takeovers and sublets in all five boroughs. Then there's Apartable, a site for primarily Manhattan-based listings that includes user reviews of buildings as well as the listing's full address, and details like permits, violations, etc. all in the name of knowing what you're getting into before you rent.

If you prefer to do all your searching on your smartphone, then check out Oliver, an app that exclusively features no-fee listings (though generally only on the higher end). One more recent addition: UrbanEdge, which only features no-fee apartments, and gets its listings directly from data feeds and owners. (They also take listings down if they haven't been updated for two weeks to keep them fresh.) They cover all five boroughs as well as some areas outside the city, though the majority of options are still based in Manhattan. You can dive into the site as-is right now, but stay tuned, but as it only launched in the past year, they're still adding feature, and are self-described as "a work in-progress."

And the ace in your back pocket:

Apartment Without Rental History

Apartments that don't check rental history

Bring a letter explaining why you have no rental history and A First place to go would be the rental apartment complex you are interested..But no rental history. However, I don t have any rental history. years and almost two years on the job before this one without any gaps..I am planning on moving to Florida, but don t yet have a job nor do I have any credit or rental history. However, I do have money saved up. What will I need to . But if you lack a credit history, these tips can help you land a place to live. some individual owners will let you rent without established credit.. When applicants apply to rent an apartment or home, the landlord often will conduct a rental history check to determine if the candidate has had .Youngs may encounter hurdles while attempting to rent a house or an apartment without established references. Using several methods toward convincing . Demand for rental homes in desirable suburbs can be fierce especially if you don t have a rental history. Score your first lease with these .Are you hunting for your first apartment? Take a look at these ways to land an apartment without having a credit history..

An apartment in American and Canadian English or a flat in British English is a self contained housing unit a type of residential real estate that occupies only .Home and apartment decorating ideas including style, budget decor and design ideas from col.e dorms to children&#8217;s rooms..Sometimes, you have no choice but to break a lease. This can cause problems, but find out ways to break a lease without penalties..The Pic.o Garden is a unique one bedroom vacation or business apartment located in a th century Parisian h tel particulier in the heart of the Marais district..Trying to get public housing or rentistance can be a complex and time consuming endeavor. Understanding what recipients of aid go through can also be.Need a tenant background check for your rental? AAOA&#8217;s tenant screening service provides tenant credit checks for landlords that are fast and affordable..How to Fix a Bad Rental History. A bad rental history can have a negative impact on your ability to rent an apartment or even to get a first time home loan. If your .Offers articles and advice on apartment living..

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How Can I Get My Rental Background?

Apartments that don't check rental history

Picture this scenario: You&#8217;re in the market for a new apartment. It&#8217;s not your first apartment &#8211; you&#8217;ve lived in several different complexes prior to this &#8211; but you&#8217;re looking to move into something a little bit bigger that will fit your newfound lifestyle.

Lots of people go through this scenario on a daily basis across the country.

But when it comes to your future as a tenant, it&#8217;s always best to be prepared for what to expect when it comes to your rental history.

Just what is rental history ? It&#8217;s essentially information on your past rental arrangements, which includes the likes of former addresses, late rent payments and evictions, as well as criminal history, your credit score and other data to help a landlord judge whether or not you&#8217;re a good fit as a tenant.

And that&#8217;s the value of pulling a rental history report yourself well before you apply for residency in that dream apartment complex you&#8217;ve been eyeing. After all, your would-be landlord will certainly be pulling your rental history report to judge your liability as a tenant &#8211; wouldn&#8217;t you rather be prepared for the information it reveals now rather than when your landlord sees it? That way, not only can you see for yourself if there are any negative items on your report, but you can also take measures to have certain ones removed.

Yes, a rental history report is key. Essentially, it is to renting what your credit score is to getting financing for a loan. If your rental report is positive, you&#8217;ll likely be approved no problem for your apartment lease. But if there are a lot of negative marks on your report, your application may be denied.

This all circles back to the question at hand &#8211; how to find your rental history .

Here&#8217;s a closer look:

How do Apartments Check Rental History ?

Most landlords have agreements with software providers so that they can easily pull and access all of your pertinent information to decide whether or not to approve you as a tenant. These programs allow landlords to quickly and easily pull reports, with permissible use of course, which thereby allows for fast analysis and a quick decision on whether or not you have a future in their apartment complex.

How Can I Find My Rental History?

Contrary to what you may have been told, it is possible for you to pull your rental history report &#8211; and you can do this essentially whenever it is that you want. It&#8217;s not free to attain this type of background report, but it is inexpensive to acquire, and carefully analyzing it can help you save time and money in the long run. My Rental History Report makes it very easy for you to access and understand your report &#8211; and you&#8217;ll be receiving the same type of report that any landlords will about you.

I Pulled My Report and There&#8217;s a Lot of Negatives on it &#8211; What Can I Do?

The first thing you&#8217;ll want to do is carefully analyze the report to make sure that everything on it is accurate. While rental history reports and credit reports are not the same thing, it&#8217;s worth noting that up to four out of every five people are estimated to have some sort of error on their credit report.

In stating this, it&#8217;s likely that many rental history reports are also inaccurate, which is another big benefit of acquiring your report before you&#8217;re out looking for a new apartment. If there are inaccuracies on your report, be sure to dispute them and have them removed.

If the negatives on your rental history report are accurate, well that&#8217;s a different story. Things like missed rent payments, late payments and evictions can be real red flags for landlords. If you&#8217;ve been convicted of a crime in the past, this will also appear on your rental history report.

None of these are going to win you over with landlords, but you may be able help out your situation in a few ways. For starters, if you have negatives on your report, the best course of action is to always be open and honest with a would-be landlord about them. Be up front with them about things, tell your side of the story and explain how you&#8217;ve learned from the situation.

It&#8217;s possible that you&#8217;ve even made amends with past landlords that you had issues with and can use them as a reference of sorts to vouch for you in your new endeavors. Finally, another thing you can do to help your renting situation, especially when it comes to evictions, is wait them out. In most states, evictions are removed from public record after seven years.

As you can see, it pays to be proactive when it comes to your rental living situation and pull your rental history report before you&#8217;re applying to apartment complexes.

apartments that don't check rental history

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