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A tithe (from Old English teogo?a "tenth9quot;) is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a (usually) voluntary contribution or as a tax or levy, usually to support a Christian religious organization. Today, tithes (or tithing) are normally voluntary and paid in cash, cheques, or stocks, whereas historically tithes could be paid in kind, such as agricultural products. Several European countries operate a formal process linked to the tax system allowing some churches to assess tithes.

"Tithing9quot; also has unrelated economic and juridical senses, dating back to the Early Middle Ages. See "Tithing (division)".

Some interpretations of Biblical teachings conclude that although tithing was practiced extensively in the Old Testament, it was never practiced or taught within the first-century Church. Instead the New Testament scriptures are seen as teaching the concept of "freewill offerings" as a means of supporting the church: 1 Corinthians 16:2, 2 Corinthians 9:7. Also, some of the earliest groups sold everything they had and held the proceeds in common to be used for the furtherance of the Gospel: Acts 2:44-47, Acts 4:34-35. Further, Acts 5:1-20 contains the account of a man and wife who were living in one of these groups. They sold a piece of property but donated only part of the selling price to the church and were struck dead for lying to God.

It is thought that tithes were not adopted by the Catholic, Christian church for over seven centuries. Although initially rejected, they were mentioned in councils at Tours in 567 and at Macon in 585. They were formally recognized under Pope Adrian I in 787. Tithing in Christian churches today is frequently preached from the pulpit, but denominations and sects view tithing differently. Some view tithing as only clearly required in the Old Testament, and consider it to be a practice that has no place in modern Christianity. Others believe that tithing is still in effect. According to traditional Judaism, the obligation to Tithe (known in the Hebrew Scriptures as "Ma’aser9quot;) continues for produce grown in the Land of Israel.

* 1 Old Testament origins

o 1.1 In the time of Abraham/Abram

o 1.2 The Esretu – the standard Babylonian one-tenth tax

o 1.3 In the time of Moses and Under Mosaic Law

o 1.4 In the time of the Israelite Kings

o 1.5 Tithing in the Books of the (Minor) Prophets

* 2 Tithing in the New Testament

* 3 Tithing in the Middle Ages

* 4 Modern-day teachings

* 5 Governmental collection of religious offerings and taxes

% off calculator Percentage Calculator

The 0 Percent Off Calculator will calculate how much you save and how much you have to pay if the product or service you are buying is on sale for 0 percent off.

All amounts are rounded to the nearest cent.

How does the 0 Percent Off Calculator work?

It multiplies the regular price by 0.00 to get the discount amount. Then it deducts the discount amount from the regular price to get the price you have to pay.

% off calculator

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